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Showing 49 - 72 of 291 products
DVEX-703 / DVEX-703E - Dental Portable X-ray SystemDVEX-703 / DVEX-703E - Dental Portable X-ray System
ivetmedical EDAN i15 VET
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EDAN-Accalarix LX3 VET Diagnostic Ultrasound System
EDAN-DUS60 VET Diagnostic Ultrasound
Ehrlichia Canis Antibody Test
eKuore Digital Portable Veterinary ECG 6 LeadseKuore Digital Portable Veterinary ECG 6 Leads
eKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac MonitoreKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor
eKuore Veterinary Pulse OximetereKuore Veterinary Pulse Oximeter
eKuore Veterinary StethoscopeeKuore Veterinary Stethoscope
ivetmedical eKuore Veterinary Stethoscope
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Embryo Collector Filter
Embryo Freezer - Allice
ivetmedical Embryo Freezer - Allice
Sale price AED 57,747.45
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Endometrix Device
ivetmedical Endometrix Device
Sale price AED 1,101.00
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Equine AI Pipette Artificial InseminationEquine AI Pipette Artificial Insemination
Equine Aspiration System Kit - Follicular Aspiration
Equine ET Sheath 0.25 Embryo TransferEquine ET Sheath 0.25 Embryo Transfer
Equine ET Sheaths 0.50 Embryo TransferEquine ET Sheaths 0.50 Embryo Transfer
Equine Follicular Aspiration Pump
ET Gun- Bovine - 0.25/0.50mL - Aluminum
ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
ivetmedical ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
Sale price AED 143.13
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