Electric Suction Unit

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Technical specifications:

1. Suction pump: piston pump
2. Power supply: AC220V±22V/110V±11V, 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz
3. Ultimate negative pressure value: ≥0.09MPa
4. Input power: 250VA+15%
5. Regulating scope of negative pressure: 0.02MPa ~ultimate negative pressure value
6. Pumping rate: ≥40L/min
7. Reservoir: ≥2500 mL/pc, 2pcs in the suction unit
8. Noise: ≤60dB(A)
9. Dimension: H001-A (350mm X 312mm X 800mm)
10. Weight: H001-A (21kg)

● Oil-free piston pump helps to keep from oil mist pollution.
● Plastic panel makes it resistant from water erosion.
● Low noise, easy to operate with manual and pedal switches.
● Overflow valve helps to prevent liquid from flowing into pump.
● Medical suction, high negative pressure, high flow rate.
● Negative pressure is adjustable according to requirements.

List of accessories:

Suction hose (φ7×φ12,length≥1.3m) 1 piece
Fuse 2 pieces
Air filter 2 pieces
Power cord 1 piece
Pedal switch 1 piece

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