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iVet portfolio:
iVet was honored to be the company who designed and equipped Vitallia clinic by  Dr. Nidal Hassan, and helped them achieve their goal and build the veterinary hospital they desired.
Vitallia is our most loyal customer whom clinic is perfectly filled with iVet Products and machine:


  • Interior design plans
  • Portable veterinary anesthesia machine:
    Application: 05-100 kg animal
    Ventilation mode: closed, half-closed, half-open
    Gas pressure: 0.25-0.65 MPA
    Oxygen flush: 25-75L/min
  • Veterinary anesthesia ventilator:
    pneumatically driven and electrically controlled
    Big animal: 50-2000 mL
    Small animal: 0-300 mL
    Breathing rate: 4-60 bpm
  • apAlert veterinary respiration monitor:
    Robust and reliable sensor unaffected by moisture
    Sensitivity adjusts to all patients down to 1 kg
    Optional sensor for patients as small as 250 g
    Sensitivity level from 1 to 10
  • Veterinary monitor H8 Plus:
    Standard parameters:
    3/5-lead ECG, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, 2-REMP, PR
  • Infusion pump:
    3 inch colored touch screen
    360 degree dustproof and waterproof
  • Syringe pump:
    3 inch colored touch screen
    Injector cover, preventing accidental injection
  • Computed radiography:
    Speed: 70 large (35*43cm) plates per hour
    Resolution: 16 bits per pixel, 65,535 graytones
    Software: DICOM store
    Weight: 19.3 Kg
    Dimensions: D:803 mm - W:456 mm – H: 134 mm
    Cassette sizes: 35*43 cm, 24*30 cm, 18*24 cm
  • Portable x-ray machine:
    Output power: 5KW
    Input power: 220V – 240V
    Radiography KV Range: 50KV – 110KV
    mAs Range: 0.4 mAs – 100 mAs
    mA Range: 20 – 100 mA
    Max Kv Deviation: +-5%
    Focal Spot: 1.8mm * 1.8mm
    Target Angle: 15 degree
    Anode heat storage: 42 KHU
    Type: double slit type manual operation
    Min x-ray field size: 5cm*5cm @1 SID
    Max x-ray field size: 40cm*40cm @75cm SID
    Product weight: 13 Kg
  • Portable Veterinary ultrasound:
    B&W System
    Mode: B, M, PW
    PW Doppler with auto-trace
    12 inch led display
  • Electrosurgical unit ES120:
    Cutting: Pure monopolar cutting 120W for 300 sigma
    Blend monopolar cutting 120W for 300 sigma
    Coagulation: Soft monopolar coagulation 120W for 50 sigma
                                     Forced monopolar coagulation 120W for 300 sigma
                                     Bipolar coagulation 120W for 50 sigma
  • Operation light:
    Lux (160000 + 120000)
    Light head: D. 70/50 cm
    Number of bulbs: 108/54
  • Autoclave type B:
    Capacity: 23L
    Chamber size: 245*470 mm
    Dimensions: 645*470*400 mm
  • Auto hematology analyser:
    3-part differentiation of WBC, 21 parameters
    3 Histograms
    Principal of operation: WBC/RBC/PLT: electrical impedance
    HGB: Photoelectric colorimetry
    Aspiration volume: whole blood: 10L / pre-diluted: 20L
  • Fully automated chemistry analyser:
    Blood type use: whole blood, serum, plasma
    built in centrifuge
    Result time: 12 mins (all parameters)
    Touch screen
  • Veterinary Endoscope:
    Working length: 1500 mm
    Diameter of distal-end: 8 mm
    Diameter of instrument channel: 2 mm
    Depth of field: 3-100 mm
    View of field: 140 degree
    Range of blending: U210 degree, D90 R/L 100

  • Examination table
  • Multi-function operation table
  • Rotational operation table
  • Veterinary cage
  • Veterinary wormology heat core
  • Incubation care
  • Veterinary scale
  • Microscope
  • Suction machine
  • Centrifuge digisystem
  • Powsitioner
  • Ultrasound scaler
  • Wood lamp


Clinic design

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