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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
DE551 Wireless Veterinary Video OtoscopeDE551 Wireless Veterinary Video Otoscope
ivetmedical DE551 Wireless Veterinary Video Otoscope
Sale price AED 2,519.00
In stock
ES140 Flexible Forceps
ivetmedical ES140 Flexible Forceps
Sale price AED 1,022.00
In stock
ES160 TV Adapter
ivetmedical ES160 TV Adapter
Sale price AED 639.00
In stock
ES108 Veterinary SpeculaES108 Veterinary Specula
ivetmedical ES108 Veterinary Specula
Sale price AED 620.00
Sold out
ES150 Wireless USB Receiver
ivetmedical ES150 Wireless USB Receiver
Sale price AED 548.00
Sold out
Mic-Fi Digital OtoscopeMic-Fi Digital Otoscope
ivetmedical Mic-Fi Digital Otoscope
Sale price AED 4,774.77
In stock

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