Bovine Reproduction

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Showing 1 - 24 of 33 products
Endometrix Device
ivetmedical Endometrix Device
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Cervical Expander - INOX
Aluminum Rack - 2x50mL Tubes
Bovine Follicular Aspiration PumpBovine Follicular Aspiration Pump
ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
ivetmedical ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
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OPU Sanitary Chemise
ivetmedical OPU Sanitary Chemise
Sale price AED 110.10
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20G OPU Threaded Needle
18G OPU Threaded Needle
AI Sheath - 3W Artificial Insemination BovineAI Sheath - 3W Artificial Insemination Bovine
Straw ID Plugs 0.25
ivetmedical Straw ID Plugs 0.25
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Bovine ET Sheath - Embryo TransferBovine ET Sheath - Embryo Transfer
OPU Aluminun Stopper
ivetmedical OPU Aluminun Stopper
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OPU  Handle for Heifers
ivetmedical OPU Handle for Heifers
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OPU Follicular Aspiration Handle
Pocket Tube Heater (Battery)Pocket Tube Heater (Battery)
Filter Warmer
ivetmedical Filter Warmer
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W25 Oocyte and Embryo FilterW25 Oocyte and Embryo Filter
Embryo Collector Filter
OPU/FIV Collector Filter
Microvial For Cell Culture
60mm Petri Dish With Lid
5-Well Dish5-Well Dish
ivetmedical 5-Well Dish
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