OPU Follicular Aspiration Handle

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Compatible with several micro convex transducers, the Follicular Aspiration Guide is a device that offers high technology and quality for follicle aspiration, with the safety and hygiene required for professional equipment.

Polymeric material (not resin) has very low moisture absorption, avoiding contamination and changes in its original format.

Polished finish.

The bolts and nuts are made of "Allen" type stainless steel, the nuts are covered with the polymer, avoiding the accumulation of dirt (blood, gel).

It has greater distance between the cable and the mandrel, so the index finger works freer.

Easy disassembly for cleaning.

Included Items:

Aspiration Guide

Mandrel tip

Chuck Stem

1Kit with:

  • 2.5mm allen wrench
  • Allen screws M3x16mm
  • Needle guide
  • Silicon tube for system protection
  • Silicon tube for transducer protection
  • 15 silicone seals for the system

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