iVet Medical was founded in 2015 to provide futuristic technological and advisory solutions that anticipate the development of the Animal Healthcare Industry. From our three branches in the UAE, Lebanon, and Armenia, we conduct worldwide operations in providing the best products and services for the animal healthcare industry.

We deliver comprehensive stewardship of all the aspects of Veterinary work from equipment to clinic and facility design, and aftermarket services. At iVet, we are excited about the future of the veterinary industry and our responsibility in bringing it to our clients.

We are a globally oriented team of experts who understand the goals and needs of our clients and have managed and fulfilled their most complex visions for more than five years.

Our team encompasses more than 10 years of experience in providing the best services and continuously adapting our products, services, and operations to meet tomorrow’s vision of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

All iVet Medical Products pass through rigorous quality control testing procedure in order to ascertain conformity with the highest industry standards. Our brand is trusted by veterinary professionals and pet owners across the globe.

To become the pacesetter in the design of high standardized  Veterinary hospitals/clinics  and manufacturing of Veterinary products ,equipment’s & consumable that proffer solution to veterinary professional and pet owners

To enhance global betterment of the veterinary industry through the production of innovative and premium quality Products, services at affordable prices.

Our approach to quality is one that cannot be compromised. We ensure every single product we use in our designs is of utmost quality and at tandem with the highest industry standards

We believe the overall growth of our clientele is our success; we therefore focus on maximizing the value of the products that we offer to our clients.

The health of our staff and clients’ is of utmost importance to us. We therefore take time to screen all materials we use in production to be safe and absolutely free from toxic materials.

Our longstanding reputation for excellence is our pride; for every design that we implement, we work to deliver a project beyond our client’s expectations.



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