Surgical & Examination Tables

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
IVT-L870 Exam table
ivetmedical IVT-L870 Exam table
Sale price AED 2,500.00
In stock
IVT- V808IVT- V808
ivetmedical IVT- V808
Sale price AED 5,475.00
In stock
ivetmedical IVT-U868
Sale price AED 5,400.00
In stock
IVT-V900 Surgical TableIVT-V900 Surgical Table
iVet Medical IVT-V900 Surgical Table
Sale price AED 10,600.00
In stock
IVT-W843 Wall Mount TableIVT-W843 Wall Mount Table
ivetmedical IVT-W843 Wall Mount Table
Sale price AED 2,645.00
In stock
IVT-VS887 Operation TableIVT-VS887 Operation Table
ivetmedical IVT-VS887 Operation Table
Sale price AED 14,350.00
In stock
IVT-U880 Surgical Table
ivetmedical IVT-U880 Surgical Table
Sale price AED 7,981.00
In stock
IVT-L860 Operation TableIVT-L860 Operation Table
ivetmedical IVT-L860 Operation Table
Sale price AED 5,998.00
In stock
ivetmedical IVT-R827
Sale price AED 5,609.00
In stock
IVT-V800 Operation Vertical Lifting TableIVT-V800 Operation Vertical Lifting Table
ivetmedical IVT-V800 Operation Vertical Lifting Table
Sale price AED 14,500.00
In stock
ivetmedical IVT-LV828
Sale price AED 9,570.00
In stock

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