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IVT-U868 Electric Veterinary Echo Table

The IVT-U868 Electric Veterinary Echo Table is intended for professional echo cardiography and ultrasound examinations in animals.

Feature and Advantage

Durable table top

The table top of this electric vet cardiac table is made of sponge cushion covered by heavy duty PVC that is water-repellent and wear-resistant.  The material is resistant to disinfectants, so you may handle any kind of tabletop disinfectants. 



Electric Lifting  

This electric vet hospital ultrasound exam table has a steel base with a large lifting range that allows for easy table height adjustment ranging from 32cm to 104.5cm.

One kind of base frame

 IVT-U868-Eco has more affordable cost as the base is made from steel with polymer-powder coating.

Optional wheels

Optional lockable wheel set can be added to this electric vet practice ultrasound imaging exam table for better mobility.


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