EDAN-Accalarix LX3 VET Diagnostic Ultrasound System

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New Generation of Capability and Flexibility

Integrated with compact appearance, cutting-edge technology and intelligent workflow, Acclarix LX3 VET is to provide more valuable innovation. 

Its excellent image performance plays an important role in the prevention and early detection in primary medical care, enriching the diagnostic application and enhancing the clinical value

Distinctive Design

  1. 21.5 inch high resolution LCD medical monitor for multi-dimensional viewing angle
  2. 14 inch high sensitivity touch screen releasing operation fingertip
  3. Humanized detachable gel warmer design 


Distinctive Design 

  1. 5 transducers sockets configuration meets comprehensive clinical needs
  2. Integrated user interface with ergonomic height adjustment design
  3. Build-in batteries for back-up and ultra-long continuous scanning time


Intelligent Workflow  

  1. eOptimized - One key optimization in B/Color/PW
  2. PW auto trace - One key in automatic measurment
  3. High Capacity storage with USB transfer
  4. eTouch - Efficient "Swipe" gesture control
  5. eLearn - User-friendly tutorial software
  6. Innovative user interface layout with accurate function division


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