Edan X12 Veterinary Monitor

Material: EtCo2
Sale priceAED 12,000.00

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Edan X-Series

Stunning Design - comes in 3 sizes (X8 = 8" Screen, X10 = 10" Screen, X12 = 12" Screen)

Standard features:

  • 3/5 ECG Lead
  • Edan NIBP
  • Edan SpO2
  • Temperature (X8 - 1 Probe, X10 and X12 - 2 Probes)
  • Edan G2 Capnograph
  • Respiration Rate

Optional extras:

  • 6/12 ECG Lead
  • IBP (X10 and X12 only)
  • Oesophageal Probes (ECG, and core body temperature monitoring in one lead)
  • Roller Trolley
  • Wall Mount
  • Thermal Printer

Ultra Slim Design
X VET series comes with ultra slim design, the thinnest part is only 41 mm

Light Weight
All three models of X VET series monitors are compact and light weight design, with the comfortable handle, they can be easily carried by single hand

Alarms NOW User Configured

Canine Alarm Program
Activated when patient type is “Canine”.

Feline Alarm Program
Activated when patient type is  “Feline”.

Other Alarm Program
Activated when patient type is  “Other”.

User Configured Alarm Program
Activated when selected.

Built-in Memory
The machine is available with non-volatile memory (optional) with  a built-in SD card in 32 GB capacity. You may easily review the history data through your system and also store to USB.

Save 240 hours of trend graph / trend tables

Alarm Review - 200 Sets of Data

Arrythmia Review - 200 Sets of Data

NIBP Review - 1200 Sets of Data

Full-disclosure Waveform Storage - 48 Hours

X VET series may either printer via built-in thermal recorder on thermal paper or via Ethernet laser printer on plain A4 paper

X8 VET: 1-channel, X10/X12 VET: 2-channel

Oesophageal Monitoring*
Specialised esophageal probes for ECG and core body temperature monitoring, which simplifies the management of mutable cables.

  • Convenient and time saving
  • Accurate temperature monitoring when taking rectal temp is impossible.
  • Three sizes of probes are available for different animals: Medium, Small, Extra small.
  • Purchase of oesophageal probes is optional*

EDAN G2 Sidestream CO2
EDAN G2 CO2 is designed as a sidestream CO2 with dehumidification cup. Such design is most widely accepted and utilised in Capnography monitoring

No will identify 33 types of arrhythmia events recording and alarms, Defibrillator & ESU protection, Customised filter for better performance

No Noise
No-fan design brings no noise to the environment

No Dust
On fan designs, dust accumulation is easily found on the flabellum and grids. With no fan, it brings no dust on these positions, bringing down the faulty rates and adapts well to critical divisions with strict dust control regulations

Unique Cable-receiving Design
With the unique cable-receiving design on X VET series, all the cables and sensors may go to the gap next to the handle, which provides an easy cable receiving solution and brings  no twist problem

With the 100 º incline angle design, it’s easy to operate & observe the X VET series monitor on the table or on rolling stand

Full-touch screen
Optional full-touch screen is applied in X VET series patient monitor which brings the visual enjoyment and highly responsive operation experience

Waterproof silicon button
A whole piece of silicon shield designed buttons could be easily cleaned in daily maintenance and its water seepage free

Customisable Shortcut Menu
The shortcut menu is put on the bottom of the display, providing direct access to daily operations. The options and sequence of Shortcuts are customisable

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