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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 products
Covault Castration HookCovault Castration Hook
ivetmedical Covault Castration Hook
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eKuore Digital Portable Veterinary ECG 6 LeadseKuore Digital Portable Veterinary ECG 6 Leads
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Veterinary Fluid and Blood Warmer FW2-VET
ivetmedical Veterinary Fluid and Blood Warmer FW2-VET
Sale price AED 950.00 Regular price AED 1,300.00
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Save AED 740.00
iPM-3  Portable Mini MonitoriPM-3  Portable Mini Monitor
ivetmedical iPM-3 Portable Mini Monitor
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RWD V640-S1RWD V640-S1
ivetmedical RWD V640-S1
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Castration Surgery Instrument Kit for PetCastration Surgery Instrument Kit for Pet
Sterilization Surgery Instrument Kit for PetsSterilization Surgery Instrument Kit for Pets
Vet Cutter Earthing Plate *1
iVet Medical Vet Cutter Earthing Plate *1
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Vet Cutter Straight-Tip Bipolar Forceps 20cm / 2mm Points *1
Vet Cutter Straight Bipolar Forceps 15cm / 1mm Points *1
Vet Cutter McPherson Straight-Tip Bipolar Forceps
Disposable  Monopolar Hand switching Pencil
Reusable handle for electrosurgery
Art - E1 Electrosurgery Electrodes (Pk X 7) *1
Runyes Ds830 - Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner
Blood Pressure Cuffs Set of 5
Water Trap for Sidestream EtCO2 Sensor
Runyes Wireless Phosphor Plate ScannerRunyes Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner
eKuore Veterinary Pulse OximetereKuore Veterinary Pulse Oximeter
eKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac MonitoreKuore Digital Veterinary Cardiac Monitor
VDU-2 Veterinary Dental Unit
ivetmedical VDU-2 Veterinary Dental Unit
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iPM-2C  Portable Mini Monitor ( SpO2 + Main Stream CO2 )

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