VetWave 30 CD Veterinary CO2 Laser

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The 30 CD Veterinary CO2 Laser offers highly precise dermatological treatments through an articulated arm and a handpiece. It comes with up to seven interchangeable handpieces to adjust beam width, giving you greater control and versatility.



Precision Perfected: TEM00 Mode - Ideal for incision, excision, vaporization, and coagulation

Revolutionizing Surgery: This CO2 laser delivers higher power with precision incisions, less tissue trauma, and quicker recovery times

Enhancing healing: CO2 laser's controlled thermal effects for quick recovery. less blood loss, dry surgical field, and speedy wound healing.

Safe and gentle treatment: with adjustable settings, CO2 laser delivers safe and gentle treatments, effectively addressing various skins issues while preserving surrounding tissues.


Laser type Sealed-off CO2 laser tube Tissue Exposure Mode Continuous, single pulse, repeat pulse
Wavelength 10.6 micrometers  Aiming Beam 2mW (650nm diode) 
Mode Structure TEM00 Articulated Arm 7-joint Articulated Arm
Power to tissue 0.5W-30W Cooling Closed Loop Liquid
Ultra pulse duration 10ms-1000ms Electrical Power  110/220V 60/50Hz
Laser Operation Modes CW, Pulse, Ultra pulse Dimension 520mm*440mm*140mm

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