LUNVET Veterinary Therapy and Surgical Laser

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Introducing LunVet®, the revolutionary class 4 laser therapy product designed specifically for veterinary use. With its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive range of features, LunVet® sets a new standard in veterinary laser therapy.


  • Multiple wavelengths: 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 1064nm
  • Mechanisms of action targeting biological tissues
  • Power density: peak power 28.2W
  • Exceptional depth of penetration for effective treatment
  • Continuous and pulsed (up to 20KHz) biostimulator


  • Fast and accurate treatment process
    • Intelligent navigation system with hundreds (>300) treatment processes
  • Safer and smarter operations
    • Automatic selection of matching treatment optical TIP
  • Expert mode for customized treatment plans
    • Customizable wavelength, frequency, time, and power

Additional Features:

  • New long wavelength (1064nm) for improved treatment depth and safety
  • Professional optical handpiece series for perfect therapeutic effect and comfort
  • Patented 2-in-1 therapy and surgical handle design
  • Intelligent system with advanced customization options
  • 3-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Remote upgrade maintenance for continuous improvements

With LunVet®, veterinarians can elevate their practice to new heights, delivering exceptional care to their animal patients and achieving remarkable treatment outcomes.

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