Heating Pet Mat

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  1. With carbon fiber inside the pad to produce far infrared rays
  2. High heating efficiency
  3. With 12V car power cord
  4. Made of waterproof and anti-bacterial PVC materials.
  5. Adjustable temperature and time


  1. High heating efficiency
  2. Adjustable temperature setting: 30-45°C
  3. Adjustable time setting: 1-9 hours
  4. Soft, folding, waterproof, and anti-bacterial


For warm-keeping in cold and wet winters
For therapy: In addition to producing heat, the FIR energy also has therapeutic functions. By absorbing the energy irradiated by Far Infrared Ray, it will promote blood circulation in the pet's body and therefore accelerate metabolism, alleviate pain, eliminate inflammation, prevent cold, frostbite, lethargy, weakness, numbness, and skin sloughing, etc.

Technical data:
Voltage: 12V
Power: 28W
Time: 1-9 hours
Temperature: 30-45°C
CE certified


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