Frontal X-ray Apron

Lead Thickness (front - back): 0.25-0.25mm
Sale priceAED 882.00

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Frontal protection x-ray aprons with either 0.25 / 0.35 / 0.50 mm lead shielding in the front side of the apron. Our x-ray aprons are designed to meet the new European legislation for radiation protection clothing. These x-ray lead aprons are comfortable and high quality, to ensure personnel and patient safety. Our x-ray aprons are available in multiple colors, shielding thicknesses and shielding materials. We offer the complete package for personal radiation shielding of medical personnel, including thyroid shieldsradiation protective headwearradiation protection glasses, and more.

To choose your preferred lead shielding thickness, shielding material and size of the x-ray apron, simply use the drowndown menu below.

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