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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 products
Modular Benchtop Incubator - EVE - One ChamberModular Benchtop Incubator - EVE - One Chamber
Aluminum Rack - 2x50mL Tubes
ivetmedical Aluminum Rack - 2x50mL Tubes
Sale priceAED 1,992.81
In stock
Benchtop Incubator - LabmixBenchtop Incubator - Labmix
ivetmedical Benchtop Incubator - Labmix
Sale priceAED 70,684.20
In stock
Benchtop Incubator - EVE - 3 chambersBenchtop Incubator - EVE - 3 chambers
ivetmedical Benchtop Incubator - EVE - 3 chambers
Sale priceAED 115,605.00
In stock
Equine Follicular Aspiration Pump
ivetmedical Equine Follicular Aspiration Pump
Sale priceAED 30,662.85
In stock
ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
ivetmedical ET/AI Sanitary Chemise
Sale priceAED 143.13
In stock
OPU Sanitary Chemise
ivetmedical OPU Sanitary Chemise
Sale priceAED 110.10
In stock
20G OPU Threaded Needle
ivetmedical 20G OPU Threaded Needle
Sale priceAED 44.04
In stock
18G OPU Threaded Needle
ivetmedical 18G OPU Threaded Needle
Sale priceAED 44.04
In stock
AI Sheath - 3W Artificial Insemination BovineAI Sheath - 3W Artificial Insemination Bovine
Straw ID Plugs 0.25
ivetmedical Straw ID Plugs 0.25
Sale priceAED 385.35
In stock
Equine Aspiration System Kit - Follicular Aspiration
Equine AI Flexible Sheath - 75cm - Artificial Insemination
Equine AI Flexible Sheath - 65cm - Artificial Insemination
Equine ET Sheath 0.25 Embryo TransferEquine ET Sheath 0.25 Embryo Transfer
Mandrel Tip Double Way
ivetmedical Mandrel Tip Double Way
Sale priceAED 1,683.87
In stock
Sale priceAED 1,060.26
In stock
Needle Guide
ivetmedical Needle Guide
Sale priceAED 223.50
In stock
Cervical Expander - INOX
ivetmedical Cervical Expander - INOX
Sale priceAED 495.45
In stock
Endometrix Device
ivetmedical Endometrix Device
Sale priceAED 1,101.00
In stock
Versatile Oocyte and Embryo TransporterVersatile Oocyte and Embryo Transporter
ivetmedical Versatile Oocyte and Embryo Transporter
Sale priceAED 29,451.75
In stock
Semen and Embryo Thaw UnitSemen and Embryo Thaw Unit
ivetmedical Semen and Embryo Thaw Unit
Sale priceAED 2,367.15
In stock
Bovine ET Sheath - Embryo TransferBovine ET Sheath - Embryo Transfer
ivetmedical Bovine ET Sheath - Embryo Transfer
Sale priceAED 12.99
In stock

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