Versatile Oocyte and Embryo Transporter

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The WTA Versatile Carrier can be modified to carry Oocytes or Embryos according to your needs (2 functions in a single device)

The functionality Oocytes (equipment in vertical), allows to accommodate up to 56 WTA microtubes of 1.2mL.

The Embryo function (equipment horizontally) allows up to 198 small straws (0.250 mL) to be individually accommodated.

Constructed in aluminum, with rubber anti-impact protections in the corners;

Electronic heating system with high precision sensors (USA and Japan) for greater temperature control;

Lithium battery from Germany, certified for air transport. With 80hrs of continuous operation;

Datalog of the last 24 hours of operation;

Alarms (audible and visual) of thermal oscillation;

Monitoring of packaging parameters by “Bluetooth”- Android;

Vacuum insulation (patented);

Comes with 1 or 2 blocks (optional).

Equipment made of aluminum.

Weight without block: 3.3kg.

Block for Oocytes: 405 g.

Block for Embryos: 1.5 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 275 x 175 x 230 mm.

Capacity:- Oocytes: 56 1.2mL microtubes (ø = 14.2 mm). (Block of 4 thermal disks)

Embryos: 198 straws (0.250 mL) and 6 extra wells to heat the applicator tips.

(1 thermal block) Temperature regulation: from 34.0 to 39.0°C.

Display temperature variation = 0.1°C. 80-hour battery. (Test conditions: Ambient temperature 25°C; Block temperature 38.5°C).

Temperature audible alarm.

Rechargeable battery: 99.6W; 8850mAh; 11.25Vdc.

Included Items:

  • Versatile Conveyor
  • Oocyte Cookies Support
  • Cylinder Embryos
  • Battery and Charger
  • shoulder strap

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