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Strongly adhesive dental formula with prolonged action, for treatment and care of oral mucosa in dogs and cats and as dressing after dental surgeries.

Antibacterial – Anti-inflammatory – Antipruritic – Prothrombotic – Antifunga - Anaesthetic- Anti-fungal

Form and presentation: a mucoadhesive formula to be applied on the gums, teeth, and oral mucosa. 15 mL applicator syringe in a carton unit packaging.


Hemostatic dressing - action of polidocanol effectively reduces bleeding and it makes Vet Protector Pro Oral Cavity-Muco a great dressing after dental surgeries.

Anti-Swelling effect – Disodium glycyrrhizate inhibits histamine release that improves animal’s comfort.

Long acting dental formula – strongly adhesive formula ensures prolonged action.

Safe and effective – all of the latest scientific reports indicate that polyhexanide is effective disinfectant against oral phatogens and is safe for use on tissues

Regenerates the mucosa – preparation does not dry out the mucosa and by fighting infections and inflammations it improves the condition of the tissues


After tooth extraction as a dressing

Prophylactical use

Feline chronic gingivostomatitis

Gingivitis and periodontitis in dogs and cats

As adjunctive treatment in calicivirus and herpesvirus infections
anti-swelling effect - disodium glycyrrhizate inhibits histamine release that improves animal's comfort.

Long-acting dental formula - strongly adhesive formula ensures prolonged action.


Polyhexanide: Broad spectrum of antibacterial effect reduces enamel and dental erosion does not discolor teeth, it also highly effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, VRE, and ESBL.

Lactoferrin: Bounds iron ions and reduces the number of bacteria inhibits the development of inflammation effective in feline chronic gingivostomatitis

Betaine: Prevents the formation of a bacterial biofilm. effectively removes biological contamination - does not dry out the mucosa

Disodium glycyrrhizate: Soothes inflammatory conditions, irritations and itching has an anti-swelling effect

Polidocanol: Has an antipruritic effect has a prothrombotic effect


Apply with a finger (or directly from the applicator syringe) on the surface of teeth and/or gums, spread evenly. Following surgeries apply on and around the wound.

Dosage: 1-4 times a day or less, in accordance with vet guidance.

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