Vet Protector Pro Oral Cavity – Gums 10x3 mL

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Liquid preparation for rinsing and cleaning the gingival pockets in dogs and cats after dental procedures

Antibacterial – Anti-inflammatory – Decongestant – Antiviral – Antifungal

Form and presentation: liquid preparation, 10 syringes containing 3mL each of the preparation, in a carton unit packaging.


Anti-swelling effect – fighting infection and inflammation the swelling is reduced.

Safe and effective – all of the latest scientific reports indicate that polyhexanide is effective disinfectant against oral pathogens and is safe for use on tissues.

Handy syringe with delicate cannula – delicate cannula is safe for use in gingival pockets and does not cause any harm to the tissue.

Improving the effects of a dental treatment – using Vet Protector Pro Oral Cavity – Gums after dental procedures enhances the effect by effectively reducing plaque.

Indications :

After Dental Procedures :

Rinsing the gingival pockets
Fighting infections
Reducing plaque build-up
Preventing periodontal diseases

Ingredients :

Polyhexanide :
Broad spectrum of antibacterial effect – reduces enamel and dental erosion – does not discolor teeth

Nanocolloidal silver : antibacterial properties

Sodium nitrate:Prevents the development of the (rod-shaped) botulinum toxin bacteria

Orthophosphoric acid: Cleans the tooth surface

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