VET-OR1200HD Veterinary Endoscopy System

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HD Display Megapixel Rendering

 HD image display, more details, clear insight into slight changes

No frame skip, no delay and smoother

Image processing of VET-OR1200 HD endoscopy system is much smoother than before, with no frame skip, high frequency frame rate mode can perfectly display the picture details in the process of movement.




HbE (Hemoglobin Enhancement)

Depending on the HbE function of the endoscopy system, the heme in blood can be clearly displayed, and the possible blood supply direction of the pathological tissues is obviously highlighted.



Motus 3.0

Faster and more powerful

Higher data processing capacity, compared to 2.0 platform, it has more than 10 times computing power, 5 times memory bandwidth and 8 times memory capacity, all this makes it possible to easily process real-time image data with higher resolution and more computing power.

High modularization

Its high modularization enables our latest research results in other Aohua product line.

USB Function

The USB interface can be used to store video and still images using a USB stick.

Full digital image processing

Fully digital image processing, it has enhanced the image signal’s SNR and reliability compare to 2.0 platform due to the deletion of the A/D process; Motus 3.0 platform features a brand-new image sensor with higher image resolution, lower power consumption, and better photo-sensibility.

A variety of interfaces

Motus 3.0 platform provides a variety of interfaces to facilitate connections with different equipment in an operating room with USB, easy to keep images and videos.

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