Trio Care Bundle

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The Trio Care bundle includes:

The iVet IV Fluid Warmer:

The iVet blood and infusion warmer reduces the temperature difference between IV fluid and the patient and minimizes the occurrence of hypothermia.

  • For warming up all intravenously administered liquids.
  • Easy to handle.
  • LED display with temperature display.
  • Precise temperature control between 35 ° C and 42 ° C (0.1 ° C steps)
  • Alarms: overheating, temperature too low, system error, door open, heating reminder.
  • Two fastening options: with a lanyard or fastening clamp.
  • Warm-up time: less than 2 min.
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V
  • Mains voltage: 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 85 VA
  • Dimensions (in cm): L 18 x W 7 x D 3.5
  • Weight: 200 g (without fastening clamp), 400 g (with fastening clamp.

The H-400 iVet Syringe Pump

The H-400 iVet Syringe Pump boasts:

  • History Records
  • Unique intelligent self-recognition technology of syringes.
  • KVO, Bolus and Anti-bolus.
  • Applicable for 5, 10, 20, 30, 50(60) ml syringes.
  • Compatible for various brands of syringes.
  • Various infusion modes to meet different clinical requirements.
  • Various visual and audible alarms.
  • Numeric keys design, easy to operate.
  • Large colorful LCD screen.
  • The real-time display ensures the infusion information is recorded correctly.
  • 3 adjustable occlusion levels, dynamically display the pressure.
  • Night mode.
  • Double CPU ensuring safe infusion. 

3 infusion modes: rate mode, time mode, bodyweight mode, intermittent infusions mode (optional), and drug library mode (optional).

Applicable syringe: Various brands of sterile syringe: 5mL, 10mL, 30mL, 50/60 mL

The H-100 iVet Infusion Pump

The H-100 iVet Infusion Pump features:

  • history records
  • mini-size, lightweight, easy operation.
  • KVO function, KVO starts automatically when the infusion is finished.
  • Anti-reverse rotation detection.
  • Various visual and audible alarms.
  • Real-time display.
  • 3 adjustable occlusion pressure settings.
  • Removable pump body, convenient for cleaning.
  • Free-flow protection.
  • Double CPU ensuring safe infusion

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