Syringe CT Contrast Media Injector

Single Syringe CT Contrast Media Injector : Single Syringe CT Contrast Media Injector
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Syringe CT Contrast Media Injector provides saline  flush capabilities and DualFlow function to 
meet the requirements of various complex CT angiography, including cardiac CT imaging and other advanced clinical application technologies. 


  • Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols
  • Creates a tight contrast bolus for better visualization
  • Reduces streaking (or beam-hardening) artifacts in Cardiac CT
  • Enables precisely timed contrast delivery
  • Makes full use of contrast to reduce waste
  • Enables injection of a mixed ratio of saline and contrast for superior enhancement uniformity in both the right and left side of the heart (DualFlow option)

Technical Specifications:

  Single Head  Double Head 
Syringe quantity 1 2
Syringe size 115 ml or 200 ml 115 ml or 200 ml
Injection Capabilities 1-8 phases 1-8 phases
Injection Capabilities 50-350psi, increment 1 psi 50-350psi, increment 1 psi
Injection Protocol 120 pcs 120 pcs
Injection Rate  0.1-10.0 ml/s, increment 0.1ml/s  0.1-10.0 ml/s, increment 0.1ml/s
Purge Rate 1.0-9.9ml/s 1.0-9.9ml/s
KVO 0.1ml/min~0.6ml/min, increment is 0.1ml/min 0.1ml/min~0.6ml/min, increment is 0.1ml/min
Delay time  0-3599s  0-3599s
Pause time  1-3599s  1-3599s
Hold time 40 mins 40 mins
Remote console  15.6 inch  15.6 inch
warmer Optional, 35℃±5C Optional, 35℃±5C
History record   400 pc  400 pc
Connection  Wireless or wired  Wireless or wired
Pressure curve stored  Available  Available
Injector Inclination Sensor  Available, injector inclination angle 4  Available, injector inclination angle 4
Power Supply  AC100-240V, 50/60Hz  AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

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