SP0061-S Sterilization Surgery Instrument Kit for Pets

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Description quantity
Scalpel Handles with Ruler 3# Solid-12.5cm 1
15# Scalpel Blades (Box of 100pcs) 1
1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps (Standard)-Str, Tip width 1.8mm, 14cm 1
Dressing Forceps-Str, Tip width 1.4mm, teeth length 19mm, 15.5cm 1
MAYO-STILLE Dissecting & Operating Scissors-B/B Str/37*9mm/14cm 2
MAYO-STILLE Dissecting & Operating Scissors-B/B Cvd/41*9.5mm/14cm 1
Operating Scissors (Round Type)-S/S Str/48*10mm/15.5cm 1
Operating Scissors w/Slender Blades-S/B Str/48.6*9.5mm/14.5cm 1
HALSTED Mosquito Forceps-Str, 21*1.2mm/12.5cm 2
HALSTED Mosquito Forceps-Cvd, 23.5*1mm/12.5cm 2
CRILE-RANKIN Artery Forceps-Str, 37*1mm/16cm 2
CRILE-RANKIN Artery Forceps-Cvd, 35*1.5mm/16cm 2
BACKHAUS Towel Forceps-11cm 4
Ovarian Hooks, 1 Ball Tooth, 45°Cvd,10mm depth,16cm 1
ALLIS 4×5 Teeth Forceps-Str, 39*5mm Tips/15cm 1
MAYO-HEGAR Needle Holders-Str/21*2.8mm/16cm 1
Instrument Storage Portfolio, 32*22cm 1

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