SSC-503 Hospital Cages

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- The structure of the cage is well-designed, capable of bearing high pressure and is sturdy, ensuring its durability.
- The door lock features a unique sliding design that automatically locks, providing good safety.
- Pedals grids and cage doors are welded using high frequency and high current, making them strong and non-detachable.
- The contamination plate has a full-rounded design, eliminating any dead corners and making it easy to clean.
- The seamless water-retaining edge, which is built-in, adds convenience and sanitation. 
- The lower cage has a movable pull-out board, which can be changed into a large cage. 
- The bottom moving brake wheel is quiet, wear-resistant, and easy to shift and fix.
- The cage has an innovative design, which is both exquisite and chic. It can be combined randomly and can be customized on demand.


Stand (mm): L1600*D700*H1575
Package (mm): 1580*830*1760= 2.3m^3 - 1575*860*1140= 1.54m^3

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