Skyla SH-50 5-Diff Hematology Analyzer with RET

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SH50 is a compact 5-part hematology analyzer equipped with new and improved specific parameters, which is more suitable for small veterinary hospital and is useful to veterinarians not only for diagnostic information, but also providing invaluable prognostic value for their patients.


More comprehensive parameters:
- Reticulocyte

Accurate, Pure Laser Technology

- Advance precision laser-based flow cytometry
- Free chemical dye, lower the cost
- Original cell morphology can be precisely measured in seconds


Rapid test time: CBC+5 DIFF results can be available within 60s.

Micro Sample Requirement: 20 microliters whole blood are needed to run a full, 5-part CBC differential

Easy to Operate and Maintain: Big touch screen, multi-language, one-key maintenance

 34 whole blood parameters

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