Phosphor Plate Scanner

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A high-definition image plate scanner with fast image identification in 3 sec.


  • One-click operation, easy to handle:
    It is fully automatic scanning, and reduce the extrusion of the image board with intelligent retractable card slot. There is a magnetic sheet inside to absorb the image board, making it easy to place and preventing scratches.
  • Powerful algorithm, clear imaging:
    It has excellent image display and processing quality
  • Humanized design:
    Double hygienic case and pouch. Protective shell prevents bite marks or crushing. A layer of protective film on the black bottom to enhance light protection
  • The body is light and take up little space:
    Small size, big difference. Compatible with mainstream X-ray machine brands on the market.

Technical Specifications:

Line Pair Resolution ≤20lp/mm Pixel 35µm Laser Wavelength 660nm
Spatial Resolution ≥7lp/mm Bit Depth 14 bit Imaging Time ≤6 Sec
Operation Voltage DC12V Output USB 2.0 Rated Voltage AC220V/50Hz
    Operating Current  ≤1.0 A Power Consumption ≤12W


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