Runyes Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner

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The Runyon Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner is a great addition to your clinic! 

With it’s 4 advantages, it is the perfect addition to your dental care facility:

- Simple & Easy Operation
- HD Imaging
- Digital Imaging Plate
- Efficient Imaging Software System

The Runyes Wireless Phosphor plate scanner Has Simply & Easy Operation through: 

- Smart Telescopic Tray: Less image skew and artifacts caused by image plate squeeze.
- Fast Imaging: HD image aquired within 20 seconds

The Runyes Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner has high quality and clear images with 20 LP:

After testing, the imaging can reach 20 line pairs,
with high quality and clear image

Wit’s a Digital Imaging Plate, you obtain: 
A Lightweight, flexible, high quality design with reasonable price With Rounded edge design, comfortable, and available for hundreds of times imaging. 

Wit’s an Efficient Software Imaging System,
The Runyes Wireless Phosphor Plate Scanner boasts: 

- Simple Design
- One-Click Editing
- Fast Imaging
-Integrated User Management

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