VDU-2 Veterinary Dental Unit

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Advanced high-efficiency air compressor Dynamic stability 

The rotating speed can reach 300,000 rpm, replying on compressed air to drive the turbine to rotate at high speed, providing stable power, easily splitting strong teeth, making tooth extraction easier and polishing faster.

Oil-free air compressor for dentists Stable performance

Provide high-quality, oil-free and clean compressed air to avoid the risk of lubrication oil leakage, causing the filling material to not stick, oil molecules adhering to the crown or invading the oral cavity, and no lubricating oil is involved in the compression process. Small Vibration, high efficiency, longer life, lower failure rate, and more secure use.

Fully functional dental treatment

One unit for all

Three-way syringe, high-speed wind-mounted handpiece, low-speed handpiece, fiber optic scaler, and controllable suction tip, with all the functions of dental diagnosis and treatment.


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