RWD R420 Veterinary Electric Turbo Ventilator

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As a mechanical ventilation device, this is definitely a veterinary ventilation innovation! With high-performance turbine drive, R420 ventilator no longer needs driven gas! It’s a good solution to gas consumption problem of traditional ventilators. In addition, its easy-to-use working modes and comprehensive monitoring of animal ventilation state can ensure safe ventilation.

Technical Specifications


  • Turbo Drive: Electronically driven by a high-performance turbine, no more driven gas
  • Precise ventilation:Minimum tidal volume down to 4 mL,more friendly to tiny animals.
  • Smart preset: Once inputting animal weight, smart respiratory parameters can be called up.
  • Guard “breathing” safety: Accurate and continuous monitoring of respiratory status, such as airway pressure – time chart, minute volume, EtCO2, and etc.
  • Multiple alarms: Multiple alarms and clear handling prompts ensure the safety of mechanical ventilation
  • PEEP function: Help veterinarians solve low SpO2 problems during surgery
  • Auto system leak test:Graphical guidance for quick start
  • Remote control of inspiratory hold: During a CT scan of the chest or abdomen, help the animal to hold the inspiration and complete the CT scan

Technical Parameters

Item Specification
Working principle Turbo drive
Size 291mm×336mm×462mm
Net weight 8.5kg
Animal weight range 0.4 kg-150 kg
Respiratory rate 2~60bpm
I:E 1:1.0-1:4.0
Tidal volume 4-1500 ml
Peak inspiratory pressure 5-50 cmH2O
PEEP 3~20 cmH2O, OFF
Trig pressure PEEP OFF: -10~ -1cmH2O,OFF;


PEEP ON: -10~ -4cmH2O,OFF

Touch screen 7inch,1024*600px
EtCO2 measuring range Measuring range :0mmHg – 114 mmHg
EtCO2 sample flow rate 75mL/min


Model R420 R420-Plus R420-Pro
Smart preset
VCV ventilation mode
PCV ventilation mode
Sidestream EtCO2 monitoring
INSP. HOLD remote control
Included●  Excluded○

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