RWD R419 Intelligent Animal Anesthesia Ventilator

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Download the full brochure of the RWD R419 ventilator using: RWD R419 Ventilator iVet.

The new R419 small animal ventilator brings a new intelligence to ventilation with its user-friendly design, real-time display & multi-platform fixed platform whilst still being portable and lightweight.

 It boasts 3 different modes: Capacity control mode (VCV), Pressure control mode (PIPCV), and APNEA mode. An adjustable respiratory ratio & airway pressure rate allow you to adapt the machine to the demand of different animal types. The 5 inch LCD color, the real-time display shows device power, air pressure, tidal volume, respiratory rate, suction ratio, pressure peak, average & other parameters. 

• Adjustable power supply (110/220v)
• Lightweight & portable
• Provides safe & effective intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV)
• Provides internal battery power for up to 4 hours
• 3 modes: VCV/PIPCV/APNEA
• Equipped with 2 different sized bellows - 20-300ml and 300-1500ml
• Respiratory rate (2-60BPM) Respiratory ration (1:1.-1:1:4.0) Airway pressure rate _5-35cmH20)

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