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Isotonic fluid for the irrigation (bathing) of all kinds of wounds


Lavaseptics: wound irrigation is performed with a special solution that effectively removes bacterial biofilms.

Ringer solution: prevents irritation withing the wound and swelling of the skin around the wound.

Action of nanosilver: nanosilver protects the skin from bacterial infections and has no skin-irritating or allergenic effects.

Safety: all of the latest scientific reports indicate that polyhexanide is safe for use on tissues. Kramer et al. indicate that PHMB is one of recommended antiseptic is wound healing.


  • Chronic wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Infected wounds (bites, incl. wound pockets and recesses)
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • Bedsores, abscesses and ulcerations
  • Removal of dressing stuck to a wound


Polyhexanide, Betaine, Nano silver


1- Clean the wound by pouring fluid directly from the container. Ensure the fluid can flow freely from the wound, but avoid injecting it at high pressure. For chronic wounds, warm the fluid to approximate body temperature. Dry the wound before further treatment

2- Place a moistened compress over the wound and gently press for 10-15 minutes. The compress should be moistened with a ratio of 10ml of fluid for every 10x10 sq cm of gauze. This method is recommended for chronic and infected wounds to remove bacterial biofilm. Dressing changes should be done according to the wound types.

3- Use gauze or a soaked compress to gently wipe the wound's surface, removing dead tissue and contaminants.

4- Moisten the dressing with fluid and wait until it can be easily removed without disturbing the wound.

5- After removing the dressing, cover the wound with a moist compress for 10-15 minutes to further cleanse it from any organic residues.

Size: 500 mL


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