POLISEPT VET- Silicone Postoperative Dressing

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A direct dressing containing a perforated silicone layer, a layer of elastic absorbent fibers, and a waterproof and breathable transparent film.

Content: 10 dressings in a unit carton packaging.


Absorbent – two absorbent layers enable rapid absorption of exudate and reduce the risk of maceration

Flexible – special cuts ensure dressing flexibility and patient’s comfort.

Silicone gel layer – Technology combining perforation with silicone gel that allows absorption of exudate through the absorbent layer and provides care and delicate skin minimizing the risk of skin and wound damage during dressing changes.

Water proof – Absorbent – Breathable – Self-adhesive – flexible and delicate – Sterile

- Surgical Wounds (surgical sutures, wounds after minimally invasive procedures
- Cuts
- Abrasions


  1. Begin by gently cleansing the wound and the skin around it using the product.
  2. For optimal results, ensure that the dressing overlaps the wound by 1-2 cm. This will safeguard the surrounding skin from excessive moisture and ensure a secure fixation of the dressing.
  3. Start by removing the middle release film from the dressing.
  4. Apply the adherent side of the dressing to the wound, allowing it to adhere and fixate the dressing in place.
  5. Take care not to stretch the dressing or create any wrinkles during application.
  6. Once the middle release film has been completely removed, firmly fixate the dressing to ensure it remains securely in place.
  7. Depending on the nature of the wound and the condition of the surrounding skin, the dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days.

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