POLISEPT VET Recovery 12 mL

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A product containing nutrients which improve animals’ physical condition

Content: 12 mL


Energy boost – sugars are the organism’s main energy carriers (glucose supplies c. 60 % of all energy needs). Administering a sugar syrup makes it possible to maintain the threatened metabolic processes.

Prolonged effect of action – the sucrose content (a disaccharide composed of one glucose and one fructose molecule) allows the organism to rebuild the energy store.

Convenient application – the preparation is administered directly into the mouth from the tube

Inverted sugar Syrup = Glucose + Fructose + Sucrose

- After complicated surgical procedures
- After Injuries
- During recovery following wasting diseases
- In sports and hard-working animals


Daily dose – 1 tube.
As an adjuvant (in animals with energy deficit): 1 tube/15 kg bw., once a day.
Prophylactic dosage (in sports and hard-working animals) : 1 tube/25 kg bw. , daily.

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