POLISEPT VET - H- Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

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A sterile dressing for direct contact with the wound which contains a hydrocolloid layer covered in a semi-permeable film


Hydrocolloid agent – occlusive , waterproof dressing that created a protective patch over the wound, acting as a scab and allowing the body to retain healing fluids.

Moist environment – hydrocolloid layer creates a moist environment that speeds up the formation of new tissue.

Wound protection – the outer layer forms a seal to protect the wound from bacterial contamination and foreign debris.

Versatility – application is possible even on tough spots. Each hydrocolloid dressing can be cut for further customization.
Waterproof – Moisturizing – Breathable- wound protection- easily cut into any size- sterile

Content: Three dressings in a unit carton packaging


  • Shallow wounds with yellow, diffuse necrotic tissue
  • Wounds in the granulation phase and early epidermal
  • Bedsores
  • Chronic Hard-healing wounds


1- Rinse the wound using Polisept Vet Irrigation Pro

2- If necrosis (dead tissue) is present, remove it before applying the dressing.

3- Dry the skin surrounding the wound.

4- Choose a dressing that covers the entire wound surface, leaving a 2-3 cm margin.

5- For large wounds, use multiple dressings that overlap.

6- Place the dressing directly on the wound and press down the edges gently.

7- To protect the hydrocolloid dressing, use a secondary dressing if necessary

Frequency of dressing change

Abundant exudate – dressing must be changed daily
Scanty exudate and wounds with epidermal healing – dressing may remain on the wound for max 7 days

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