Media Stabilizer - Adam

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The ADAM Media Stabilizer - WTA is the perfect solution for heating and gassing culture media, making it suitable for the cultivation of embryos and cells. It has digital control of its functions and low consumption of the gas mixture.

Accommodates:  8 WTA microtubes of 1.2mL ( (ø = 14.2 mm), 1 conical tube of 50mL and 6 tubes of 15mL.

These characteristics offer speed and security to adapt culture media used in IVF procedures.

AC source: 100-240V, 2A, 50/60Hz.
Equipment Power: 15 VDC - 7.5 A
Power: 90W
Temperature: 34-39°C
Extra chamber pressure: 1-50 mmHg
Dimensions: 220x292x165mm

Weight: 6.9 kg

Included Items

  • Media Stabilizer Cabinet.
  • Gas Cylinder Output Valve Connection Hose.
  • Energy cable.
  • Power supply.

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