iVet 02A Examination and Minor Surgical Lights

Material: iVet-C-02A Ceiling
Sale priceAED 3,100.00

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LED Technology:

- IR-free LED light reduces heat sensation for patients and doctors

- 1/3 less energy consumption than conventional Halogen systems

- Low radiation preserves tissue moisture during interventions

- Enhances visualization of red tissues and improves tissue color differentiation

- Customizable light color to match optical color response

Ergonomic Regulation Systems:

- 4 easily selectable settings for adjustable light intensity

- Color temperature adjustment for better tissue condition recognition and distinction

Technical data:

Light Intensity: >78,000 Lux @ D=50cm/ >40,000 Lux @ D=100cm

Control system: 4 steps of brightness & 2 steps of color temperature touch control

Light source: 10 individual LEDS and optical lens

LED life span: >50,000 hours

Color temperature: 2800K-4500K (standard)/ 3800-5500k (option)

Mounting Options: Ceiling, Mobile, Wall mount

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