Kaasen Equine Cryotherapy Machine by TruCryo

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The world's most versatile portable cryotherapy stimulation device allows you to significantly expand and enhance your equine treatments. The handheld unit delivers a dry pressurized vapor of carbon dioxide(CO2) at -78°C/-108°F directly to the surface of the skin.

Where traditional ice therapies are restricted to the treatment of limbs only, Kaasen Equine allows for treatments anywhere from poll to tail. The sophistication of the device and speed of cooling reduce treatment times to a fraction of traditional icing methods. Treatments range from 30 secs on a targeted area to10 minutes for a full body treatment. There is no recovery time needed–results are immediate.


The carbon dioxide used as the consumable is completely safe, inexpensive, and effective for targeted treatments. There is no place for human error--Kaasen Equine has dual temperature sensors, a thermal shock indicator, a light treatment timer and intelligent proximity sensors to ensure the optimal treatment every time.

Treatment to aid with:

•Muscle/tendon/ligament strains, sprains & tears


•Mudfever/skin conditions






•Improvedperformancewhen used pre-exercise



Ergonomic design and lightweight make Kaasen Equine easy to use and portable for taking outside the clinic. All nozzles for the various treatments are included in the package.


Kaasen Equine is unique in providing both Ice and Compression in the form of a spray. In under 30 seconds, Ice and Compression are achieved. This is a revolution in Cryotherapy.

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