RWD R640 Flexible Veterinary Anesthesia Machine-Wall Mount

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 The iVet VMX-640 Anesthesia Machine is wall mounted with a non-rebreathing system, perfectly suitable for non-operating room anesthesia (NORA) and cat anesthesia.

The three main characteristics that define the iVet VMX-640 are its safety, flexibility, and Ease of use.

The wall-mounting feature saves space and meets the needs of anesthesia preparation and disposal areas.

The iVet VMX-640 has a 10L Flowmeter.



  • Wall mount, ideal for limited space
  • Acyclic inhalational anesthesia system designed for anesthesia outside the operating room
  • Non-rebreathing circuit: ensure fast induction, quicker wake up and recovery
  • Embedded oxygen flush valve: Oxygen flush with safety restrictor
  • 10L flowmeter: Ideal for animals within 50kg



  • 1 to 10 L/min O2 flowmeter
  • Ideal for animals within 50kg
  • Built-in O2 flush button(10L/min), to prevent pressing the button by accident
  • Support installation of both Cagemount and Selectatec
  • Two kinds of filling type vaporizer -Pour Fill and Easy Fill
  • Work temperature:10-35℃

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