iVet TSaaS UC-2008 Professional ICU Unit

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ICU-A tool used to improve quality of life for patients around the world. iVet Medical is here to redefine the meaning of that care with our new interactive and innovative ICU line.

The purpose of any animal monitoring cage is to provide optimal care in hopes of aiding and speeding up recovery time for animal patients. iVet ICU line does just that. At the machines most basic functions, it creates an environment of stable temperature and humidity, helping to provide a comfortable environment for the animal. These basic functions are great for newborn dogs and cats, especially born by caesarean section, as they cannot regulate their own body temperature and are confronted by a high mortality rate caused by hypothermia. A warm and comfortably controlled environment helps to increase their survival rate.

Features and Advantages

1. Infrared Physiotherapy

2. Built-in Medical Nebulization

3. Oxygen Concentration Control

4. Humidity Control (External Humidifier Needed)

5. Overhead Double Circulation Heating System

6. Adjustable Amber Light for Comfortable Illumination

7. White Examination Light

8. Self-Adaptive Temperature Control System (PRO Model Only)

9. IP Camera for Real-time Observation on Smart Devices (Pro Model & Optional)

10. Large Transparent Door to Easily Check Animal Status

11. Double Insulated Body for Better Heat and Oxygen Preservation

12. Triple Air Purification System -Ultraviolet, Negative Ion, and External Circulation

13. Thermostatic Bed with Mutual Accurate Temperature Control

14. Aluminum frame on Front Door for Better Oxygen Sealing

15. Food/Medical Grade Stainless Steel Inner Body for Effective Sanitation Management

16. Large Touch Screen for Ease of Use and to Aide in More Visible Alerts

17. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Controlled Alarm System for Machine Errors like Abnormal Temp inside the Cabin, Abnormal Humidity, Abnormal Oxygen Concentration, and Abnormal Temp of the Thermostatic Bed

18. Hand Access for Easy Treatment with Ventilation Adjustment

20. Programmed Power Supply for External Devices like Humidifier

21. Uninterrupted Power Supply for Other Add-on Devices like Vital Sign Monitor

22. Oxygen Sealing Transfusion Portal

23. Infusion Post Fixture(optional)

24. Side Storage Cabins

25. Easy to Stack Design, Two Levels for Better Space Efficiency.

26. Stack-on Detachable Wheel Base for Mobility

28. Interactive Indicator Light Band at the Front Bottom

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