iVet KadieCheck™ RT-PCR System

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KadieCheck™ PCR system is a portable real-time quantitative PCR system with 8 sample channel, which is designed for companion animal PCR detection.

a. Smart and user-friendly design. The extraction kit and PCR detection kit are placed in the same box, all reagents are pre-filled and individual. To avoid human operation error, quick guide was printed and labeled on the box and extraction kit.

b.  Advanced lyophilized technology. PCR detection kit use lyophilized technology, which can be storage and transported at room temperature, no need cold-chain and refrigerator.

c. No need extra consumable. We provide all test consumables, including pipette, disposable tips, PCR reagents holder, extraction kit holder, etc.

d. Rich test menu. More than 42 test items are available, covering respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, zoonotic, anemia, etc.

e.  Pre-set PCR cycling protocol. All PCR cycling protocol are set up in the PCR system before delivery, no need to set up cycling protocol manually.

f.  Easy and simple workflow. Only two manual operation, one is transfer sample from sample preservation solution to extraction kit, another one is transfer extracts from extraction kit to PCR tube. Less manual operation can avoid human operation error.

Sample type:
- Eye, Nasal, Throat swab
- Feces, Anal swab
- EDTA blood
- Pleural/ascites
- Aqueous humor, lymphatic puncture tissue fluid, cerebrospinal fluid
- Cerebrospinal fluid

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