iVet M600V Veterinary Air Warming System

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iVet M600V system consist of Veterinary Warming System and warming blanket. This unit is connected by a rubber hose to blanket that is heated by circulating warm air, thus maintaining a patient's core body temperature.



  • Advanced dual temperature sensor design
  • Fault alarm: over-temperature, under-temperature, filter maintenance
  • Air filter to keep effective filtration
  • Precise temperature settings controlled within +/- 1.5 degree


  • Reaching the set temperature within 5 min
  • Particular heat output design too have quicker heat transfer
  • Unique micro-holes on the surface of the blanket to keep heat evenly distribute
  • Wide range of blanket shapes and sizes


  • intuitive operation, almost training free
  • can be clamped to an IV pole or placed on hard surface



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