RWD D-U2000 Flexible Veterinary Dental Unit

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The RWD D-U2000 provides a variety of functions for veterinarians such as grinding, polishing, cutting, and cleaning. 

the unit provides 4 integrated handles that cover the main functions required by veterinarians: a scaler, and low-speed handpiece(for polishing), a high-speed handpiece (for cutting), and a 3-way air/water syringe (for oral disinfection and washing)

the pneumatic system of the D2000 unit is convenient with oil-free and automatic drainage systems, with noise reduction for <65dB.

a super smooth caster with locks ensures that the operator can easily move it.


The iVet D2000 dental unit can:

- Shorten the treatment time to reduce the risk of anesthesia and the workload of vets.

- Reduce the damage to the alveolar bone and oral mucosa caused by the violent extraction of teeth only with surgical instruments, and reduce the risk of residual roots.

- Provide more flexible dental treatment programs.

The RWD Dental Unit is a good handpiece providing durable and cost-effective high-end healthcare. 

RWD is the number one brand in Romania and combines a user-based anesthesia interface, independent R & D, and high return on investment. 

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