iVet®Table IXV-32

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The IXV-32 Table series from iVet® is a perfect solution for your radiographic needs.

With an 19" Display, 4-Way Float Top Table and an advanced high frequency generator. The IXV-32 X-ray system is designed to assist vets in speeding up their work process to its full potential


  • X-Ray Tube
    • Max 125kV
    • Focal Spot: 1.0/2.0mm or 0.6/1.5mm
  • Collimator
    • LED Collimator Lamp
  • Monitor
    • 19" Display
    • Acquired images are Displayed
  • Console
    • Easy Operation
    • 3,00 Anatomical programs
  • Table
    • 4-Way Float Top Table
    • Designed for Veterinary
  • Advanced High Frequency Generator
    • Single Phase
    • Output Power 32kW or 40kW
    • Inside Table Base
    • Easy Install and Easy Maintenance
  • Dual Foot Switch
    • 4-Way Float Top table Moving
    • Hands Free Collimator Lamp Control
  • Image Field Size 17x17" or 14x17"
    • High spatial resolution with 140 Micron pixel array
    • Stable and reliable automatic exposure detection
    • Viewer software running on windows OS
    • Communication interface through Gigabyte Ethernet
    • Simple and easy integration with all kinds of digital radiography systems


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