iVet® Anesthesia Ventilator

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Pneumatically driven and electrically controlled

Display:LCD digital display 

Large animal:300-2000ML(optional))

Small animal:0-300ML


Tidal volume,breathing rate,I:E ratio,Peak airway pressure,

TV:  0-300,300-1600 ml

Breathing rate:4~60 bpm

I:E ration:1:1~1:4 adjustable

Upper airway pressure:2~6 kpa                                                                 

Lower airway pressure:0.6~2 kpa

Alarm:Battery low,Power failure,Airway pressure high/low

Alarm Silence : Manuel/Auto Switch

PIP scope: 5-60

Transportation and Storage: 

The transportation or storage environment must not exceed below limits: 

Environment Temperature: -10~+35°C 

Relative humidity limits: 20%~60%

Atomosphere pressure: 700~1060hPa

Configuration include:Main unit,bellows(0-300ml),foldable bag,bellow cover,medical corrugated pipelines,O2 supply pipeline,power cable,flow sensor,bellow:300-2000ml(Optional)

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