Capnometry EtCO2 Monitor

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The smallest End-tidal CO2 Monitor, achieving the measuring of EtCO2 and Respiratory Rate in all respiratory conditions.

Suitable for CPR, ICU, Operation room, long-term acute care, emergency transportation, monitoring of endotracheal tube placement etc.

Technical Specifications:

Transducer type  Capnometry Mainstream Capnometer
CO2 Accuracy 0-40 mmHg (±2 mmHg)
41-100 mmHg (±5% of reading)
71 - 100 mmHg (±8% of reading)
Respiratory Rate Range: 3-99 BPM
Accuracy: ±1 breathe
Alarm Ceck adapter, No breath, Battery too low, EtCO2 too low, ETCO2 too high, INCO2 too high, RR too low, RR too high
Calibration No routine user calibration required, the sensor automatic zero when plug in the adapter 
Power Requirements Battery: 3A alkaline battery
Dimensions Size: 55(L)x 37 (W) x 32(H) mm
Regulatory  Designed to comply YY0601 and ISO21647

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