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After years of experience and research in functional rehabilitation and physical medicine, imoove vet was developed to the needs of veterinary professionals working in biomechanics and physical therapy.

imoove is a 3D destabilization platform that provides proprioception, muscle strengthening, and neurological stimulation to the animal patient.

imoove has a wide range of therapeutic and preventive applications by stimulating all regulatory means of balance and postural maintenance, providing a functional recovery that is an essential part of orthopedic and neurological interventions.

 Therapeutic applications:

- Post orthopedic surgery

- Post neurosurgery

- Following immobilization or non-use of one or more limbs neurological accidents or degeneration

- Return to a satisfactory level of mobility for alder and/or obese dogs with unbalanced posture. 

Preventive Application:

- Maintaining satisfactory mobility: sedentary animals, overweight animals

- Prevention of disabling loss of mobility before surgery in an elderly or overweight animal.

- Training sports dogs and working dogs.

- Get back in shape after a period of convalescence, and recovery for female dogs breeding after calving.


- Diagnostic and care tool

- Practitioner's working comfort.

- Physiological mobilization, non-invasive.

-Controlled, progressive and reproducible mobilization

- Soft and quiet work, very well tolerated by animals

- Functions accessible via a touch screen


H= 1420, P=1160, L= 920 (mm)

The product is Designed and manufactured in France. 

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