Curadle MX-ICU160 Max Incubator

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Curadle Smart Pet Incubator ICU has been exported to more than 10 countries around the world including medically advanced countries like the USA, UK, Austria, Japan, etc. It is entirely different from other ICU-copied cages by being solely based on the needs and requirements of real veterinary professionals and performing clinical tests.

Automatic control and settings for temperature, humidity
(Independent humidity system, which is easy to use and manage)
The separation of floor and air temperature, with excellent insulation and double structure, makes the internal temperature very precise.

Large FND display
Easy-to-use menu options, enable optimal environment setting according to the health condition of the animal patients.

Hand access for simple treatment
Hand access is to enable the pet treatment inside without opening the whole window. By turning the hand access, it is partially opened, and it can then be used as a vent.

Stand pole and power external devices:
Stand pole to easily install peripheral devices, with a built-in outlet to power external devices.
Optional: you can install additional peripheral devices with EX-POLE.

Tempered glass view-window and one-touch door lock:
The tempered glass view window helps to check the condition of the animal's patient easily and the door lock is secured which cannot be opened by the pet from inside.

Stainless steel chamber and waste tray:
Stainless chamber to enhance durability and urine tray designed to gather in one place helps sanitation management conveniently.

Clean Air-filter:
Built-in filters out dust and impurities. It can be used several times with dense filter material and it is easy to clean water.

Internal light, IR Lamp:
A Built-in LED lamp to brighten inside in addition to an infrared heating lamp.

Ther Curadle MX-ICU160 features:
- FND Display
- Air temperature indicator
- Floor cooling system
- Oxygen Concentration control function
- IP Camera
- CO2 indicator and automatic carbon dioxide emission
- Treatment time settings and alarm function
- Control Fan Speed
- Alarm for high CO2 concentration
- Alarm for abnormally high temperatures
- Multi-language display control (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic)
- IV stand holder hole
- UVC Lamp
- semi-automatic ventilation device

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