Breathing Bag Reusable

Size: 0.5 Liter
Sale priceAED 70.00

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Our product line features a diverse range of single-use re-breathing bags designed for optimal performance in a variety of clinical applications. Renowned for their excellent compliance characteristics, these bags are entirely latex-free and are available in multiple sizes with different bag neck fittings. Specifically, our pediatric systems are enhanced with the inclusion of two bags adorned with the playful 'Baggins the Bear' symbol.


  1. Odorless and Comfortable: Our re-breathing bags boast a pleasant user experience with no pungent smells, soft handles, and a smooth touch.
  2. Universal Connectivity: Equipped with a 22mm standard connector, our bags seamlessly integrate with various clinical setups and equipment.
  3. High-Quality Construction: The bags exhibit a netted and smooth surface, ensuring an absence of pinholes and dirt, guaranteeing a hygienic and reliable performance.
  4. Pediatric Friendly: For our younger patients, two bags are adorned with the endearing 'Baggins the Bear' symbol, making the experience more child-friendly.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: PVC Rubber
  • Available Sizes: 0.5L, 1L, 2L, 3L
  • Connector Type: 22mm standard

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