iVet ARK 7 Anesthesia machine with ventilator

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Compact, Ergonomic, and Flexible Workflow Supported with Advanced Ventilation Mode and Monitoring for Animal Care

Technical Features:

  • Intelligent and user-friendly 8-inch touchscreen interface for easy operation.
  • High-performance turbine design that is electronically driven, eliminating the need for drive gas.
  • Ergonomically designed handle placed for increased mobility and functionality.
  • 0-4L/min flow meter with easy-to-understand dials, allowing precise control of oxygen and airflow.
  • Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet decrease cross infection by disposing waste gas into the destinated circuit. It also decreases the risk of carbon dioxide retention during surgery
  • Flush O2 feature providing high-flow oxygen at a rate of 10L/min to 30L/min, quickly delivering oxygen in case of decreased concentration.
  • Two types of waste gas scavenging systems: AGSS and disposable gas filter canister.

Features: VS Mode

  • Minimum tidal volume down to 5ml, enabling precise ventilation.
  • Tidal volume automatically calculated based on animal weight.
  • Adaptive adjustment of support pressure according to the compliance, resistance, and respiratory effort of the animal's lungs to ensure high-quality ventilation.
  • Support for spontaneous breathing triggering, improving animal-machine synchronization and ventilation comfort.
  • Backup ventilation support for ensuring the safety of animals.

Modular Parameter Monitoring:

  • Integrated EtCO2 module for real-time monitoring of vital parameters, featuring a space-saving and user-friendly modular design.
  • EtCO2 monitoring provides information on patient ventilation, circulation, and metabolism, as the physiology of CO2 production, metabolism, and excretion is closely linked to cardiopulmonary function.
  • Designed to meet the high requirements for space utilization in veterinary hospitals and clinics.
  • It aims to provide accurate anesthesia machines that ensure safe animal anesthesia, considering the higher mortality rate for animals (approximately 0.1%) compared to humans.

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