Pups and Shades


Sunglasses or other protective eyewear may be used to block out the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation or to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. People who are light sensitive or need to protect their eyes from injury at work or when playing sports should do the same.

 You naturally want to know if your four-legged buddy can benefit from protective eyewear because it is healthy for your own eye health.


Why Does my Pup Need Sunglasses?

Besides the fact that a dog wearing goggles is adorable, there are two general reasons for dogs to wear dog eye protection or sunglasses:

  1. Protect the eyes from injuries
  2. Protect the eyes from the sun

Also, your dog’s breed plays an important role and has a big impact on your dog’s need for sunglasses. Some breeds are more susceptible to eye problems than others and may benefit from wearing protective eyewear.

Blind dogs and working dogs may also be good candidates!

Dog Breeds That May Need Protective Eyewear:

Brachycephalic dogs like:

  • Boston Terriers
  • Shih Tzus
  • Pugs and other breeds

These dogs have prominent eyeballs and are much more susceptible to abrasions, ulcers, and cuts.

German Shepherds and Greyhounds:

These dogs might suffer from an autoimmune disease called chronic superficial keratitis (or pannus) that can result in blindness if left untreated and can be worsened from sun exposure.

Protection from the sun (UV exposure) in the case of pannus is the most common reason.

Rescue dogs and police dogs:

These dogs might work in harsh conditions and environments where there is higher risk of trauma to the eyes, may also be good candidates for eye protection.

Post surgery Eye Protection:

Dogs with ocular irritation who do not wear eye protection can cause severe damage to their own eyes because they itch, rub, or scratch at their faces.

This behavior can aggravate corneal ulcers and complicate recovery from eye surgery, like cataract removal or a procedure to correct a corneal defect

Therefore, eyewear can be used to protect your dog’s vision and eyes post surgery.

Type of Eyewear to Choose for Your Furry Friend:

Some dogs readily accept goggles or visors, while others never do! If your vet agrees that protective eyewear is beneficial after a professional evaluation, generally done once or twice a year, the prescribed eyewear should be both:

  • Comfortable
  • Properly fitted

Since, no dog is going to keep human-style sunglasses on for long and dogs should be able to easily eat and drink and also navigate throughout their environment.